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Body Sculpting Specialist

Body Sculpting Specialist in Oklahoma City OKC

At Petra’s Massage Therapy & Weight Loss Clinic, we offer a body sculpting procedure that can eliminate fat, shape areas of the body, and tighten skin. For more information, contact us today or schedule an appointment online. We are conveniently located at 7200 N May Ave Suite A, Oklahoma City, OK 73116.

Body Sculpting Specialist Near Me in Oklahoma City, OKC
Body Sculpting Specialist Near Me in Oklahoma City, OKC

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Table of Contents:

What is body sculpting?
How does body sculpting work?
What areas can be treated with body sculpting?
What are the benefits of body sculpting?

What is body sculpting?

Body sculpting, or body contouring, is a medical procedure that aims to reshape an area of the body. There are both surgical and non-surgical (or non-invasive) procedures. Liposuction, facelifts, and tummy tucks are examples of surgical procedures that use incisions, sutures, injections, and sometimes anesthesia. Less traumatic, non-invasive procedures use a technology called lipolysis to eliminate fat, shape areas of the body, and tighten skin by using specialized equipment to create controlled damage to specific areas of fat.

There are several lipolysis methods used to destroy fat cells:

• Cryolipolysis uses very cold temperatures
• Injection lipolysis uses deoxycholic acid injected into the body
• Laser lipolysis uses heat from lasers
• Radiofrequency uses ultrasound waves and heat

How does body sculpting work?

Although there are different ways in which body sculpting can be performed the end results are the same. Whether it uses heat, cooling, injection, or ultrasound, body sculpting treatments work by permanently destroying fat cells which are then excreted from the body over the subsequent weeks.

At Petra’s Massage Therapy and Weight Loss Clinic, we are pleased to provide body sculpting services to our clients using radio frequency, ultrasound, and lipolysis. This type of lipolysis uses highly focused sound waves to break down fat cell walls in the treatment area, causing the fat inside to be released and metabolized by the body. The ultrasound energy is transmitted deep into the layers of the skin, causing rapid pressure fluctuations that cause the fat cells to break down while leaving surrounding tissues unharmed. The dead fat cells are processed by the body’s lymphatic system and eliminated as normal waste during the following six to twelve weeks. As with other forms of lipolysis, results appear gradually and are typically final after three months. Although the fat cells are destroyed permanently the body can still grow new ones, so maintaining a healthy lifestyle is crucial to achieving long-term results. One session will take about 30 to 60 minutes and most people will need several treatment sessions to see their desired results.

What areas can be treated with body sculpting?

Studies from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) suggest that radiofrequency/ultrasound lipolysis is most effective at reducing fat in the back and chest areas, but it can also be used on:

• Stomach/abdomen
• Waist
• Hips/flanks (“love handles”)
• Buttocks
• Face
• Neck and jawline
• Upper arms
• Thighs

Although fat is ultimately removed from the body following treatment, it should be understood that non-surgical body sculpting is not intended as a weight loss solution. It is designed to slim and contour certain areas of the body that haven’t responded to the traditional weight loss methods of diet and exercise. Ideal candidates are at or close to their desired weight and with most body contouring procedures their body mass index should be no greater than 30.

What are the benefits of body sculpting?

People typically choose body sculpting treatments to help them look and feel slimmer, trimmer, and more contoured. The non-surgical, non-invasive body sculpting treatments enable the client to return to their normal daily routines straight afterward, with very little to no downtime. Other benefits include:

• Improved skin texture
• Improved lymph and blood circulation
• Effective anti-cellulite therapy
• No anesthesia

​If you would like to know more about body sculpting and if it’s right for you, contact Petra’s Massage Therapy & Weight Loss Clinic today. We are located at 7200 N May Ave. Suite A, Oklahoma City, OK 73116, and serve clients from the surrounding areas. We look forward to meeting you! We serve clients from Oklahoma City OKC, Midwest City OKC, Del City OKC, Valley Brook OKC, Forest Park OKC, Nichols Hills OKC, Bethany OKC, Spencer OKC, and Valley Brook OKC.

 Body Sculpting Before and After 

Body Sculpting is Perfect for:

  • Waist 
  • Belly
  • Arms
  • Thighs
  • Chins
  • Neck & Jaw Line
  • Legs
  • Abs